Displaying and Editing Several Pages in a Same Window

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Some office suites allow you to display several pages of a document in the same window and to edit the pages while so displayed. Currently that's not possible in NeoOffice, but the following method provides you a workaround.

  • Choose the File menu and then the Page Preview item, or click on the Page Preview icon in the toolbar.
  • In the preview window, click on the Page Preview: Multiple pages icon in the Page Preview toolbar, and choose the number of pages you want to display at the same time. You can choose the number of rows and columns of the preview. For example, you can display six pages in two rows and three columns.
  • You can click on Book Preview as well, to display the whole document.

You can't directly edit the document while you are in the page preview. To make changes, proceed as follows:

  • Choose the Window menu and click on the New Window item.
  • The window that opens is editable and all the modifications that you make in it appear automatically in the preview.

N.B. You can open several editable windows by clicking on the New Window item repeatedly.

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