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In all versions of NeoOffice, patch checking is enabled by default to ensure users are notified of new patches with the latest bugfixes. NeoOffice checks for patches on launch once every 15 days.

While we consider patch check an important method of communication and support for our users, we recognize that in some cases, like managed deployments, displaying the patch notification can be problematic, so NeoOffice includes a method for disabling these notifications.

Disabling Patch Checking

Create a file named .noshowdonationpage in the /Applications/NeoOffice.app/Contents/MacOS folder.

If you disable patch checking, we strongly urge you to subscribe to the NeoJUpdate mailing list, closely watch the NeoOffice Release Notes page in this wiki, or use another method to keep aware of the latest patches.

If you disable patch checking, you should update to the current patch before requesting assistance and/or reporting problems on trinity or filing bug reports in Bugzilla. Your problem may have already be resolved.

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