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While NeoOffice 1.2 and 1.1.x do not contain a database component similar to Microsoft Access, it is still possible to create a database (this is handy if you don't have access to MySQL or another external database).

Max offered the following tips on trinity:

There is a simple database functionality in OOo and thus Neo: use the dbase file format. This is not a full-featured database but it works for most cases.

[edit] How-to:

  1. display data-source pane
  2. create a new data source
  3. select a dbase format
  4. choose the folder (directory) where the table files will be stored. If the folder already contains .dbf files, the tables they describe are automatically added to the database. This is a simple way to import dBase files
  5. close the panel
  6. add a table to the base, defining colums as you need.
  7. open the recently created table and add/modify/delete item.
  8. use the data-source as planned (mailing and such)

See the NeoOffice Help for details.

Before editing this wiki page I (Max) checked the above process.

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