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NeoOffice 3.0.1 is based on the 3.0.1 code. In constrast, all of the NeoOffice 2.2.x releases were based on the older OpenOffice 2.2.1 code. While Sun Microsystems' engineers added many enhancements and new features in 3.0.1, they also implemented many small feature changes that were requested by users.

Since we released NeoOffice 3.0 Early Access back in January 2009, we have found several feature changes that NeoOffice 2.2.x users did not expect when upgrading to NeoOffice 3.0.1. This article contains a list of the issues that NeoOffice 2.2.x users are likely to encounter from the unexpected changes that we have found as well as suggested workarounds for those issues.


[edit] General issues

  • Some users have reported that NeoOffice 3.0.1 runs considerably slower than NeoOffice 2.2.x on PowerPC Macs.
  • Clicking on a hyperlink will no longer activate it and, by default, only Command-clicking will activate a hyperlink. To make clicking activate a hyperlink, select the Tools :: Options menu and in the dialog that appears, select the NeoOffice :: Security item and press the Options button. In the dialog that appears, uncheck the "Ctrl+click required to follow hyperlinks" checkbox and press the OK button in both dialogs.

[edit] Writer issues

  • Zotero must be upgraded. A new plugin is needed for Zotero. Even with the 1.0b4 plugin the toolbar does not install. Select the Tools :: Macros :: Run Macro menu and navigation down to the relevant macro must be used instead.
  • Number recognition in Tables is turned on by default in NeoOffice 3.0.1 where it was off by default in NeoOffice 2.2.x To reverse this behaviour pull down the NeoOffice menu and choose Preferences (or pull down the Tools menu and choose Options…). Then in the Options window, click the disclosure triangle next to "NeoOffice Writer" in the left hand panel of the window, then select "Tables" and at the top right of the window, in the Input in Tables section, deselect the Number recognition checkbox. This will not alter any cells retrospectively - it only applies as you type.

[edit] Calc issues

  • NeoOffice defines empty cells differently in formulas from This is seen in the following functions SUMIF(), COUNTIF(), COUNTBLANK(), DCOUNT(), DSUM() when the "<>" condition is used. See this trinity forum post for more information.
  • INDIRECT_XL() and ADDRESS_XL() functions are no longer recognized. #NAME? will appear in a cell containing one of those functions. Workaround: change to INDIRECT() and ADDRESS() respectively.
  • R1C1 is no longer set for individual sheets using in the Sheet menu, under Format, and checking Use R1C1. Beginning with NeoOffice 3.0.1 R1C1 is set globally using the following steps: go to the NeoOffice menu and choose Preferences. Click on the disclosure triangle next to NeoOffice Calc to expand it and then click on Calculate. Set the Formula syntax drop-down menu to Excel R1C1. Click OK.

[edit] Base issues

  • .odb files saved in NeoOffice 3.0.1 cannot be opened in NeoOffice 2.2.x, even if they were created in NeoOffice 2.2.x.
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