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[edit] Description

This error occurs in NeoBase.

The message will read something like:

Violation of unique index "index1"; duplicate value(s) for column(s) BBookType in statement [INSERT INTO "BBookType" ("BBookType") VALUES (?)]

[edit] Cause

The error is caused when entering data into an indexed table. At some point you have created an index for the field (column) in which you are entering data. (In this example the index is "index1" and the column, "BBookType".) You also decided to make it a unique index. This means that whenever anyone saves a new record, the column is searched to check if the new entry already exists. If it does, this error message is generated.

The information between the [ ] at the end just details the name of the column(s) and the name of the table(s) that are being checked.

[edit] Solution

In this case, the error message doesn't really indicate a problem. It lets the user know that the data has already been entered at some other point.

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