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[edit] What is a Master Document?

A Master Document is a special Writer file which can contain (include) other documents and manipulate them. It can be recognized by its extension: .sxg for documents created by NeoOffice or 1.x and .odm for documents created by NeoOffice or 2.x.

The master document is particularly useful for large works (novels, instruction manuals, etc.) that require complex manipulations, for example the inversion of chapters.

A priori, a master document can contain all types of objects: texts, images, indexes, table of contents, etc.

[edit] Creating a a Master document

To create a master document, use the following method:

  • Go to the File the choose New and Master Document
  • The Navigator window opens.
  • To include a document, click on the icon that looks like a sheet of paper with a little cross and an arrow. (The fourth icon from the left). In the contextual menu that appears, choose File
  • The usual Open appears; choose the file you want to insert
  • Repeat for each of the files you want to include in the master document

[edit] Inserting a New File into a Master Document

Suppose that you have inserted five files into your master document and that you want to insert another one, not at the end, but in the second or third position. Click on the file just below the spot where you want the new file to go. For example, if you want the new file to be the third file, click on the file that is currently third and then insert the new file. The new file will take the third position, and the other file will be moved down one spot to the fourth position.

[edit] Moving a file

If you notice that a file is not correctly placed in the Master document, or if you want to modify its position for whatever reason, select it and click on the "Move higher" or "Move lower" icon in the Navigator.

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