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Enabling NeoOffice/J or to connect to MySQL databases

  • Download Connector/J from the MySQL website.
    • The included README gives much information.
    • The most important keypoints are:
      • the class name of the JDBCdriver: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
      • the URL format: jdbc:mysql://host.domain/database_name
    • You will need a version of Connector/J that supports Java 1.3.x, since that is the version of Java used in NeoOffice/J.
  • The jar file location:
    • for OOo/X11: you can put it where you want. To let OOo know, you shoud go to "Tools->Options" menu item. Then in the "security" pane, there is a place to add directories to classpath. Click on browse and find your jar file.
    • for Neo/J: I had to put it in the <NeoOffice>/Contents/MacOS/classes folder to get it found. Didn't check with recent release if the previous classpath setting does work.
      • FYI. I just tried adding the MySQL jar file using the Security pane in the Tools->Options menu item Neo/J 1.1 Alpha 2. After adding the jar file in that pane and restarting Neo/J, I successfully connected to my MySQL database.

With this basic setup the connection should work.

Then you come to the fine tuning stuff: charset, etc...

There is also an attachment (.sxw) to Issue 13753 which contains screenshots and a different location for placing the Connector/J file.

There are additional pointers available in this thread on trinity on other MySQL configuration issues.

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