Uninstalling NeoOffice

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We recognize that NeoOffice/J may not be a solution for everyone. NeoOffice/J is also extremely easy to uninstall.

  1. Drag the NeoOfficeJ application from the Applications folder to the trash.
  2. Drag the NeoOfficeJ-1.1 folder from your user's Library folder into the trash.
  3. Drag the org.neooffice.neojava.plist file from your user's Preferences folder (inside the user's Library folder) into the trash.
  4. Drag the opens___.ttf and various "Vera" (Vera.ttf, VeraBd.ttf, etc.) fonts from your user's Fonts folder (inside the user's Library folder) into the trash.
  5. Drag the NeoOfficeJ.pkg file from the /Library/Receipts folder into the trash.

Everything installed or created by NeoOffice/J is now in the trash and can be deleted.

If you also have a version of OpenOffice.org installed, NeoOffice/J is completely separate, and deleting one will have no effect on the other.

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