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Yo have probably noticed that in trinity forums, under your pseudonym, a "title" appears. These titles depend on the number of posts you have made on the forums. They are taken from the science fiction movie Matrix. Some members of the community have special titles.

First of all, the two developers (in alphabetical order): The Architect and The One.

Then: Town Crier, Ninja, Sake Horner, Sheepfun.

For the other members, the table below provides the correspondence between the number of posts and the title.

Number of posts Title
From 1 to 4 Blue Pill
From 5 to 9 Red Pill
From 10 to 19 Agent
From 20 to 29 Sentinel
From 30 to 39 Pure-blooded Human
From 40 to 49 Operator
From 50 to 99 Captain
From 100 to 199 Councilperson
From 200 to 299 Oracle
From 300 to 399 Seraph
From 400 to 499 The Anomaly (earlier version)
From 500 to ? The Merovingian
From ? to 999 The Trainperson
From 1000 to ? The Anomaly

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