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[[Help Files - Developer]] [[Help Files - Developer]]
 +[[Supplemental NeoOffice Programs]]
 +[[Supplemental OpenOffice.org Programs]]
==Boxes== ==Boxes==

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Side bar test

more stuff stuff about stuff

thinking about stuff

just plan ol' stuff



this page and corresponding discussion is intended to be a sandbox to test things to put in the Wiki.

Template:Test this blue box thingy

newmainpage the editing help on media wiki has a TOC tool bar on the side... i want one.

and now i have one. =D

Nice feature - I didn't want to mess things up elsewhere...

In-Progress Pages

Wanted to work on the product pages, but didnt' know where to put them yet...




Clip Art - Developer

Launcher - Developer

Help Files - Developer

Supplemental NeoOffice Programs

Supplemental OpenOffice.org Programs


but do things wrap in these sorts of boxes?  It's cool to finally figure out how they work, really
cool....even creating new lines with >br< tags, but do they autowrap, or are <br>s necessary? Hmm.
Nope. You need a <br> to wrap. Too bad.
This is a new paragraph in the same box.
Starting a line with a space creates one of these boxes, as does a <pre> tag.
This lovely box is all inside of a <pre> tag.  That means 
just hitting return starts a new line.  Now how do you wrap, no auto-wrap, I'd bet, were I a 
betting man, but since I'm not, let's see...  Nope, no auto-wrap here, either.  Just inserted a 
return instead.

A new pgh.  Bye!
Some text

Template:dashedbox is the implementation of the above box. Use it thusly:

{{dashedbox|Bob was ''here'' and '''here'''!}}

Bob was here and here!


Ship as external image+link

128x128, 72 dpi, 9 KB, JPEG

Ship as local image

NeoOffice®/J logo
128x128, 72 dpi, 9 KB, JPEG


128x128, 72 dpi, 9 KB, JPEG


128x128, 72 dpi, 9 KB, JPEG
logo (png)
logo (png)
logo (jpg)
logo (jpg)

Boy it does a bad job of making thumbs from transparent PNGs and images that are smaller than thumbsize!

Scaled icon

Testing Interwiki Linking for Languages

Testing Window Template

For window and dialogue names in the Style Guide

In the Page Style dialogue, select "Bar".

Issues: I can't get a bg-image or bg-color and have this still be an inline element, because MediaWiki doesn't support span :-( (Wanted to use Lucida Grande, too....)

Hey, maybe MW1.5 does; this template has a span in it:

Check the box for This document only; this will make the language settings apply only to the current document.

Another sandbox

NeoOffice® logo


The stable, fast, actively developed version, recommended for new users.
NeoOffice uses bits of Cocoa and Java to implement a more Mac-like user experience.

NeoOffice 2.0 Aqua Beta, based on OpenOffice.org 2.0.3, was released on August 1st, 2006.

Download   ❖   Download Latest Patch   ❖   NeoOffice Support   ❖   NeoOffice Early Access FAQ

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