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-{| border=0 width=100% style="background-color: inherit;"+<h1>
-| width=128px | [[Image:Ship_official.png|NeoOffice® logo]]|| valign=center |<h3>NeoOffice®</h3>+<table width="100%">
-The stable, fast, actively developed version, recommended for new users. <div STYLE="color: grey" >''NeoOffice uses bits of Cocoa and Java to implement a more Mac-like user experience.''</div><br>'''NeoOffice {{NeoMainPageVer}}, based on OpenOffice.org {{NeoOOoVer}}, was released on 22 August 2012.'''<br>[http://www.neooffice.org/neojava/press_releases/NeoOffice_{{NeoMainPageVerLink}}.html Read the announcement] for more info!''' +<tr>
-|}+<td align="center">
-[http://www.neooffice.org/neojava/download.php?fragment=download Download]&nbsp;&nbsp; ❖ &nbsp;&nbsp;[http://www.neooffice.org/neojava/patch.php Download Latest Patch]&nbsp;&nbsp; ❖ &nbsp;&nbsp;[[NeoOffice Support]]+<font size="+4">NeoOffice Wiki</font>
-<table width=100% style="background-color: inherit;"><tr><td width=50%>+</td>
-* [[NeoOffice|What is NeoOffice]]?+</tr>
-* [[NeoOffice_Feature_Comparison|Feature Comparison]] +
-* [[NeoOffice_Release_Notes|NeoOffice Release Notes]] +
-* [[NeoOffice Download and Installation Issues|Issues with Downloading and Installing NeoOffice]]+
-* [[Troubleshooting Tips]]+
-* [[NeoOffice_Tips_and_Hints|Tips and Hints for Using NeoOffice]]+
-* [[NeoOffice_and_Aqua|NeoOffice and Aqua]]+
-</td><td> +
-* [[NeoOffice_Screenshots|Screenshots of NeoOffice]]+
-* [[How_to_Report_Problems_with_NeoOffice|How to Report Problems]]+
-* [[Contributing_to_the_NeoOffice_projects|How to Contribute to NeoOffice]]+
-* [[NeoOffice Build Instructions|How to Build NeoOffice]]+
-* [[NeoOffice_CD_Distribution_&_Trademark_Usage|CD Distribution and Trademark Usage Guidelines]]+
-* [[NeoLight|NeoOffice Spotlight Importer]]+
-* [[NeoPeek|NeoOffice Quick Look Plugin]]+
</table> </table>
[[Category:NeoOffice]] [[Category:NeoOffice]]

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