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If you are using NeoOffice in a mixed environment where not all machines are equipped with software that is able to read OpenDocument files, you may wish to change the default format for saving files to Microsoft Office formats (or something else), as these are almost ubiquitous.

  • Choose Preferences from the NeoOffice menu. You will get a window with all sorts of options.
  • Expand the "Load/Save" item and choose "General". At the bottom you will find a heading called "Default file format".
  • Set the "Text document" to "Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP" (or your desired format) and do the same, mutatis mutandis, for spreadsheet and presentation documents.

If you only need to save in another format occasionally, you would do better to select a different format in the "Save As" dialog instead of changing the default file format away from NeoOffice's native formats.

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