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Installation Issues

When running the NeoOffice/J installer, the "test" returns with "NeoOffice/J can not be installed on this computer."

This problem may occur on versions of OS X 10.2.x. The Neo/J installer checks if you are running Mac OS X 10.2 or higher and checks if you have BSD support installed on your machine. If either test fails, Neo/J will not install.

The solution is to install the BSD support. If you have the retail version of your OS X system (10.2 or 10.3) it's on the first install CD. When you put the CD in, the Welcome to Mac OS X window pops up. Open the Optional Installs folder, where there is a shortcut to the BSD installer. Double-click, then follow the instructions.

When upgrading from 1.1 Alpha to 1.1 Beta, the old brown icon remains in the Dock.

For those of you who are upgrading from 1.1 Alpha to Beta, the new icon (in a dark blue circle) does not show up in the Dock if the old brown one is already there. Drag the latter away until it goes poof, then start Beta. Now the new icon appears in the Dock. Choose Keep in Dock.

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