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Current Version

NeoOffice 2022 runs natively on both Silicon and Intel Macs running macOS 11 Big Sur - macOS 12 Monterey.

You can download the latest version of NeoOffice 2022 from Apple's Mac App Store or from the NeoOffice releases page on GitHub.

You can find the MD5SUMs for current NeoOffice downloads on the NeoOffice MD5 Checksums page.


To receive announcements whenever a patch or new release of NeoOffice is available, follow us on Twitter @NeoOffice.

New Features

This is the first version of NeoOffice that includes a universal installer and that runs natively on both Silicon and Intel Macs running on the following versions of macOS.

NeoOffice 2022 is still based on LibreOffice 4.4 so it should have the same features and behaviors as NeoOffice 2017.

Also, this version fixes the following bugs:

  • NeoOffice would hang when changing the font or text size while there is uncommitted text in a Writer comment (Issue #2)
  • When running in Dark Mode, changing any cells within the data range of a Calc chart would cause the chart's text color to invert when saving (Issue #3)

Archived Release Notes

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