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These are the Release Notes for NeoOffice 2.0 Aqua Beta, currently available through the NeoOffice Early Access Program (or via a personal build from the source). Release Notes for NeoOffice 2.0 Alpha 4, the current freely-available version, can be found here.


Current Early Access Version

The latest Early Access version of NeoOffice is: 2.0 Aqua Beta 2.

NeoOffice 2.0 Aqua Beta 2 requires a PPC Macintosh running Mac OS X 10.3 or 10.4 or an Intel Macintosh running Mac OS X 10.4. Some Aqua features will appear differently depending on your version of Mac OS X.


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Current Patch

Aqua Beta 2 Patch-1 is now available.

The new changes included in this patch are listed below:

  • Fixed an issue where pressing certain keys caused NeoOffice to beep

Note: Aqua Beta 2 Patch-1 requires a full installation of NeoOffice 2.0 Aqua Beta or Aqua Beta 2 and will not install on any version of NeoOffice 1.x or NeoOffice 2.0 Alpha. Patch-1 includes all fixes and additions of previous patches.

Older Patches

2.0 Aqua Beta 2 Patch-0 (aka NeoOffice 2.0 Aqua Beta 2)

The new changes included in this patch are listed below:

  • Fixed a number of issues related to the native file dialogues
  • Fixed an issue where using the "Export as PDF" command would suggest a filename with a double-part extension
  • Worked around an Apple bug where keystrokes that generate multiple characters would only generate a single character in NeoOffice
  • Fixed an issue where Arabic text would display incorrectly when font fallback was occurring
  • Fixed an issue where Fontwork elements would be displayed too large
  • Fixed an issue where text in the Skia font failed to appear
  • Fixed a crash when accessing the Fonts tab in several dialogues
  • Fixed an issue where scrolling would flicker and scrollbars could vanish
  • Fixed a crash when opening Excel documents using certain Excel forumalæ
  • Fixed some cases where selecting "Save As" would cause a crash
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when deleting an original file after opening and converting it to another format in NeoOffice
  • Fixed an issue where certain settings would not be honored when selecting them in Print Options at printing time
  • Fixed an issue with wrapping buttons in the ugly scanner dialogue

New Features in NeoOffice 2.0 Aqua Beta

If you have not downloaded a release of NeoOffice since version 1.2.2, there are dozens of new features in NeoOffice 2.0 Aqua Beta. Some of the most significant include:

  • Based on 2.0.3 codebase
  • Support for writing ISO 26300 OpenDocument (aka 2.0) file formats
  • Significant improvements in startup time
  • New database component
  • Enhanced sound support
  • Runs on Intel Macintoshes
  • Native Cocoa Open and Save dialogues
  • Most widgets (scrollbars, buttons, checkboxes) are now Aqua
  • New Finder icons and splash screen with a more Aqua appearance

Archived Release Notes

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