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Current Version

The latest version of NeoOffice is: 2.0 Alpha 3 PowerPC.

NeoOffice 2.0 Alpha 3 PowerPC requires a PPC Macintosh running Mac OS X 10.3 or 10.4; it will not install, nor will it run under "Rosetta", on Intel Macintoshes.


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Current Patch

Alpha 3 Patch-0 is now available. (NeoOffice 2.0 Alpha 3 already includes the fixes contained in Patch-0)

The new changes included in this patch are listed below:

  • Support for playing sound and sound tracks in movies
  • Fixed a number of issues in drag-and-drop behavior
  • Fixed some issues with icon drawing behavior
  • NeoOffice 2.0 now writes type codes for files like NeoOffice 1.x did
  • Additional smaller bugfixes

Note: Alpha 3 PPC Patch-0 requires a full installation of NeoOffice 2.0 Alpha PowerPC and will not install on any version of NeoOffice 1.x. Patch-0 includes all fixes and additions of previous patches.

Older Patches

2.0 Alpha 2 PPC Patch-0 (aka NeoOffice 2.0 Alpha 2): The new changes included in this patch are listed below:

  • Improved memory usage in many documents
  • Fixed an issue that prevented printing or PDF export
  • Fixed an issue which caused symbols in equations to appear misplaced

2.0 Alpha PPC Patch-2: The new changes included in this patch are listed below:

  • Fixed an issue where new OOo 2.0-style palettes were unable to be docked
  • Fixed an issue where exporting to PDF would crash, hang, or fail to include images
  • Fixed a crash in OOo code when selecting the Package Manager
  • Fixed an issue where NeoOffice was unable to open files that had been locked in the Finder
  • Reverted the change to the UI font size since the default was too small and since this setting can be adjusted in the application preferences now
  • Improved memory usage in long Writer documents

2.0 Alpha PPC Patch-1: The new changes included in this patch are listed below:

  • Fixed an issue where italicizing a line of text would cause it to "stack" characters at the end of the line on top of each other
  • Added shortcuts to the database component to the NeoOffice menu and the Dock menu
  • Allowed double-click opening of NeoBase document in the Finder, and gave those documents an icon
  • Closing the last document with Cmd-W now closes the grey window
  • Fixed the UI font size
  • Fixed an issue where importing a NeoOffice 1.x profile would cause a "BASIC error" when saving a file
  • Fixed a memory leak

New Features in NeoOffice 2.0 Alpha

If you have not downloaded a release of NeoOffice since version 1.2, there are dozens of new features in NeoOffice 2.0 Alpha. Some of the most significant include:

  • Based on 2.0.2 codebase
  • Support for writing OpenDocument (aka 2.0) file formats
  • Significant improvement in startup time
  • New database component
  • Improved sound support

Archived Release Notes

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