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-=== NeoOffice/J vs. Microsoft Office === 
-Apart from these benefits, NeoOffice/J 1.1 has features that outshine Microsoft Office: 
-<TABLE WIDTH=100%> 
-<tr><th align="left">Feature</th><th valign="top">NeoOffice/J</th><th>MS Office 2004 for Mac</th></tr> 
-<tr><th align="left" colspan="3">General:</th></tr> 
-<tr><td>Price (standard edition)</td><td align="center">$0.00</td><td align="center">$349.95</td></tr> 
-<tr><td>Type ahead functionality (optional) like many mobile phones have</td><td align="center">YES</td><td align="center">No</td></tr> 
-<tr><td>A logical, safe and suite-wide system for templates, so these are never accidentally updated</td><td align="center">YES</td><td align="center">No</td></tr> 
-<tr><td>Clean HTML code export (compliant with international web standards)</td><td align="center">YES</td><td align="center">No</td></tr> 
-<tr><td>Unified User Interface, reducing learning time and costs</td><td align="center">YES</td><td align="center">No</td></tr> 
-<tr><td>Localized user interface (number of languages)</td><td align="center">40*</td><td align="center">7*</td></tr> 
-<tr><td>International spelling checkers and localized help</td><td align="center">61**</td><td align="center">12**</td></tr> 
-<tr><td>Support for text entry in non-Roman scripts including South Asian, East Asian, right-to-left and complex text layout scripts</td><td align="center">YES</td><td align="center">Some []</td></tr> 
-<tr><th align="left" colspan="3">Supported scripts or languages:</th></tr> 
-<tr><td align="left">Arabic</td><td align="center">YES</td><td align="center">No</td></tr> 
-<tr><td align="left">Armenian</td><td align="center">YES</td><td align="center">No</td></tr> 
-<tr><td align="left">Cyrillic</td><td align="center">YES</td><td align="center">YES</td></tr> 
-<tr><td align="left">Cherokee***</td><td align="center">YES</td><td align="center">YES</td></tr> 
-<tr><td align="left">Chinese (Simplified)</td><td align="center">YES</td><td align="center">YES</td></tr> 
-<tr><td align="left">Chinese (Traditional)</td><td align="center">YES</td><td align="center">YES</td></tr> 
-<tr><td align="left">Devanagari &amp; Gujarati (Indic languages)</td><td align="center">YES</td><td align="center">No</td></tr> 
-<tr><td align="left">Greek</td><td align="center">YES</td><td align="center">YES</td></tr> 
-<tr><td align="left">Hebrew</td><td align="center">YES</td><td align="center">No</td></tr> 
-<tr><td align="left">Inuktitut***</td><td align="center">YES</td><td align="center">YES</td></tr> 
-<tr><td align="left">Japanese</td><td align="center">YES</td><td align="center">YES</td></tr> 
-<tr><td align="left">Korean</td><td align="center">YES</td><td align="center">YES</td></tr> 
-<tr><td align="left">Roman (Western and Eastern European languages)</td><td align="center">YES</td><td align="center">YES</td></tr> 
-<tr><td align="left">Roman (Hawaiian, Northern Sami)</td><td align="center">YES</td><td align="center">YES</td></tr> 
-<tr><td align="left">Roman (Vietnamese)</td><td align="center">YES</td><td align="center">No</td></tr> 
-<tr><td align="left">Thai</td><td align="center">YES</td><td align="center">No</td></tr> 
-<tr><td align="left">Other</td><td align="center">Likely****</td><td align="center">Unknown</td></tr> 
-<tr><th align="left" colspan="3">Writer (word processor):</th></tr> 
-<tr><td>A logical style system that does not invent styles based on your layout choices</td><td align="center">YES</td><td align="center">No</td></tr> 
-<tr><td>Functional bullet/list numbering</td><td align="center">YES</td><td align="center">No</td></tr> 
-<tr><td>The ability to import WordPerfect documents (thanks to the [ libwpd project])</td><td align="center">YES</td><td align="center">No</td></tr> 
-<tr><th align="left" colspan="3">Calc (spreadsheet):</th></tr> 
-<tr><td>More conditional layout options for cells</td><td align="center">YES</td><td align="center">No</td></tr> 
-<tr><td>Style-enabled layout system for text and cells</td><td align="center">YES</td><td align="center">No</td></tr> 
-<tr><th align="left" colspan="3">Impress (presentation):</th></tr> 
-<tr><td>The ability to export to [ Flash] animation</td><td align="center">YES</td><td align="center">No</td></tr> 
-<tr><td>Superior (3D) font art possibilities.</td><td align="center">YES</td><td align="center">No</td></tr> 
-<tr><td colspan="3">'''Notes:'''</td></tr> 
-<tr><td colspan="3">* NeoOffice/J ships with UIs for [ 12 languages]; the other 28 are freely available in [ language packs]. Office 2004 is available in English (all versions of Office 2004), and in French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Swedish (for some versions of Office 2004; must be ordered separately) [].</td></tr> 
-<tr><td colspan="3">** NeoOffice/J includes help files and a growing number of writing (proofing) tools for many languages from the project [], [], [], []. Microsoft Office 2004 ships with proofing tools for English, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, German, Danish, Swedish, Portuguese, Finnish, and Dutch [].</td></tr> 
-<tr><td colspan="3">*** You must use the <tt>Caps Lock</tt> key to enable syllabics.</td></tr> 
-<tr><td colspan="3">**** Because includes support for languages and scripts which do not have keyboard layouts in Mac OS X, and because Mac OS X includes system-level Unicode support for many of these languages even though Apple does not ship fonts or keyboards, it is very likely that NeoOffice/J will support text entry (and perhaps sorting) in the language/script if one installs third-party Unicode fonts and keyboard layouts. See Tom Gewecke's [ Your Multilingual Mac] for more resources. For instance, there is a report that NeoOffice/J handles [ Khmer] very well, and there has even been a [ report] of using NeoOffice/J with characters in Unicode Planes 1 and 2.</td></tr> 

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