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<b>Open Source Development</b> <b>Open Source Development</b>
-NeoOffice®/J uses the open source development model to leverage the resources of a global partnership of volunteer programmers, users, and testers.+NeoOffice®/J uses the open source development model to leverage the resources of a global community of volunteer programmers, users, and testers.
-"My goal was to create a self-supporting community," said Luby. "I felt that if people really wanted an application like NeoOffice®/J, they would help by reporting bugs, answering support questions, and maybe even making donations."+"My goal was to create a self-supporting, volunteer-based project to build an office suite for Mac OS X,," said Luby. "I felt that if people really wanted an application like NeoOffice®/J, they would help by reporting bugs, answering support questions, and maybe even making donations."
"As the user base has grown and become more involved, NeoOffice®/J has benefited and improved accordingly," Luby added. "It's truly the users' contributions that have made NeoOffice®/J what it is today." "As the user base has grown and become more involved, NeoOffice®/J has benefited and improved accordingly," Luby added. "It's truly the users' contributions that have made NeoOffice®/J what it is today."

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This is the page where we will draft the news release to be used upon the availability of NeoOffice/J 1.1 Final/GM.


Draft Announcement

Since many translators have been contributing to the English draft and keeping the translations up-to-date proved more difficult than anticipated, I have moved the old en changelog into discussion.

Please still make a note in the "Summary" field of what you're changing, but no need to update the old changelog.

Let's keep questions/discussions in the trinity topic. I've moved the existing "talk" (except this) to the discussion tab)

Draft Text [en]


Media Release

community AT neooffice DOT org

NeoOffice®/J 1.1 for Mac OS X Released

June xx, 2005


Introducing NeoOffice®/J 1.1

Sunnyvale, California, USA - Planamesa Software and the community are proud to introduce NeoOffice®/J 1.1, a Mac OS X-native version of the office suite that includes Microsoft Office-compatible word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and drawing applications.

"This release is the culmination of many thousands of volunteer hours," said NeoOffice®/J creator and primary developer Patrick Luby. "As a result of this tremendous effort, we have a very stable, full-featured office suite for Mac OS X that supports dozens of languages."

NeoOffice®/J 1.1 is available today as a free download from the Planamesa Software website at

A Simple Idea

"When I started the NeoOffice®/J project, there really was no viable alternative to Microsoft's Mac version of Office," noted Luby. "There were other Mac word processors, but few that included spreadsheet and presentation support. The cross-platform suite did all three very well AND featured strong compatibility with Microsoft office documents. So creating a native Mac OS X version of seemed like a good idea."

A Feature-Complete, World-Class Office Solution

NeoOffice®/J 1.1 provides compatibility with Microsoft Office and Corel WordPerfect and offers a robust feature set common to all major office suites, including the ability to track changes as a document is forwarded from one user to another. NeoOffice®/J can export to many formats including PDF, HTML, Flash, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Its native file format is open and XML-based, freeing users’ documents from vendor lock-in, a frequent complaint of proprietary office suites.

NeoOffice®/J 1.1 also offers localized user interfaces in FORTY languages and supports text entry in Roman and non-Roman scripts, including South Asian, East Asian, right-to-left and complex text layout scripts. This has allowed individuals and organizations across the globe-- including schools, non-profits, and corporations-- to adopt NeoOffice®/J as their primary office suite.

"We've leveraged's amazing internationalization efforts, which makes NeoOffice®/J a great solution for Mac OS X users all around the world," said Peterlin.

Seamless Integration of with Mac OS X

Based on the latest stable codebase, NeoOffice®/J 1.1 offers extensive integration with Mac OS X. Key Macintosh features include a standard Mac OS X installer, a native Aqua menu bar, use of the Mac OS X printing system, full clipboard support, drag-and-drop, Mac "command" key shortcuts, mouse scrolling, integration with major Mac email clients, and native support for Mac fonts. NeoOffice®/J 1.1 is compatible with Mac OS X 10.2 or later.

"NeoOffice®/J 1.1 is a standalone, double-clickable Mac application and does NOT require additional X11 software," said core engineer and founder Ed Peterlin. "Our goal is to make NeoOffice®/J 100% indistinguishable from any other Macintosh application in look-and-feel. Version 1.1 is a major step in that direction."

Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" Spotlight Support

NeoOffice®/J 1.1 also includes NeoLight, a plugin for Spotlight, the new search feature in Apple's Mac OS X 10.4. "With this plugin, your NeoOffice®/J files will be indexed and can be searched instantly in a familiar, Mac-like fashion," added Peterlin. "It's just another way we're working to integrate with the full Mac OS X experience."

Open Source Development

NeoOffice®/J uses the open source development model to leverage the resources of a global community of volunteer programmers, users, and testers.

"My goal was to create a self-supporting, volunteer-based project to build an office suite for Mac OS X,," said Luby. "I felt that if people really wanted an application like NeoOffice®/J, they would help by reporting bugs, answering support questions, and maybe even making donations."

"As the user base has grown and become more involved, NeoOffice®/J has benefited and improved accordingly," Luby added. "It's truly the users' contributions that have made NeoOffice®/J what it is today."

"Today's release is only the beginning."


Released as free, open source software under the GNU General Public License, NeoOffice®/J 1.1 is available now at Users are encouraged to download and freely distribute the software. Development of the application is ongoing by volunteer programmers, beta-testers, artists, and writers. Interested parties are invited to visit for more information about helping with the project.

More Information

Homepage  :
Community  :
Download  :
Press Kit  :
Screenshots :

About Planamesa Software

Planamesa Software is a software development consulting company owned and operated by Patrick Luby. Patrick has spent nearly a decade working as a software developer in a variety of commercial and open source projects including and Apache Tomcat using the C, C++, and Java programming languages on a variety of operating systems including Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, and Windows™.

About is home for the NeoOffice®/J open-source community and features news, downloads, FAQs, discussion forums, a bug reporting system, and more for NeoOffice®/J developers and end users. NeoOffice®/J's "Aquafication" and other development is ongoing, and interested parties are invited to help with all aspects of the project. NeoOffice® is a registered trademark of Edward H. Peterlin.


To learn more about, visit

NeoOffice® is a registered trademark of Edward H. Peterlin. Other product and company names may be trademarks of their respective owners.



Note that the PR standard seems to be to apply the ™/® symbol to your trademarks and leave it off for those of others, covering that with the "other product and company names" sentence.

Please read the note in the Draft Announcement section. Let's keep questions/discussions in the trinity topic.

Tentative Freeze Date

The English text of the Announcement will be frozen (no further changes) on June 3 June 10 to allow translators enough time to translate the text into their languages (early in case we need to move the release date forward by one week due to Community Relations team availability) and to recruit new translations (fr, it, what others should we try to recruit translators for?). This date is tentative and still open for discussion.

What's Missing?

What needs to be added/changed/done before we freeze the text for translation?

In no particular order:

  1. An additional "business-centric" feature for A Feature-Complete Office Solution section, so that "track changes" doesn't seem so alone section reworked by sardisson and added document format openness/ownership of data bits
  2. A quote from Patrick, perhaps about the development or testing process (not absolutely necessary) lots of cool Patrick quotes
  3. Verify with Ed his "quotes" are acceptable
  4. Agree on a replacement for "A Real Mac App" (first) section header sardisson went with Ray's
    (I really like Ray's suggestion, Seamless Integration of with Mac OS X)
  5. Shorten it a bit
    1. Move good bits from Open Source section elsewhere and delete section, or move random bits to that section and strengthen it (i.e., make the intro pgh, well, a pgh.)
    2. Streamline Office features section a bit more

--Waldo 03:08, 8 Jun 2005 (CDT) Why shorten it? Compress it and make it as streamlined as possible. But don't get rid of good info if you don't have to...

  1. Final proofing for typos, spelling, grammar, consistent usage of ®, etc.
    Note the general PR rule seems to be to use the ® (in our case) sign with your trademarks but leave all marks off other companies' products and simply use the "other company and product names" sentence--don't have to worry about verifying whose trademarks are which kind and what is trademarked and not and so forth....

Please add any additional "blockers" to this list.

Draft Text [de]

NeoOffice®/J 1.1 für Mac OS X frei gegeben

xx. Mai 2005

Zur sofortigen Veröffentlichung (ENTWURF)
Sunnyvale, California, USA - Planamesa Software und die sind stolz, NeoOffice®/J 1.1, eine native Mac OS X-Version desürosoftware-Paketes, dass Microsoft™ Office-kompatible Anwendungen für Textverarbeitung, Tabellenkalkulation, Präsentation und Zeichnen beinhaltet, zu präsentieren. NeoOffice®/J 1.1 ist ab heute als freier Download von der Planamesa Software-Webseite,, verfügbar.

Eine echte Macintosh-Anwendung
Basierend auf der letzten stabilen Codebasis von, bietet NeoOffice®/J 1.1 eine weitgehende Integration mit Mac OS X. Wichtige Merkmale, wie ein Standard-Mac OS X-Installer, eine native Aqua-Menüleiste, die Nutzung des Mac OS X-Drucksystems, volle Unterstützung der Zwischenablage, Drag-and-drop, Mac-"Command"-Tastenkürzel, Mouse-scrolling, die Integration mit den wichtigsten Mac Email-Programmen und native Unterstützung für Mac-Zeichensätze, werden geboten.
"NeoOffice®/J 1.1 ist eine alleine lauffähige, per Doppelklick startbare Mac-Anwendung und benötigt KEINE zusätzliche X11-Software", sagt Haupt-Entwickler undünder Ed Peterlin. "Unser Ziel ist es gewesen, NeoOffice®/J hundertprozentig nicht unterscheidbar vom typischen Look-and-feel der Macintosh-Programme zu machen. Version 1.1 ist ein großer Schritt in diese Richtung."

Eine vollständige Bürosoftware-Anwendung
NeoOffice®/J importiert nicht nur Microsoft™ Office- und WordPerfect™-Dokumente, sondern exportiert auch in vielen Formaten, wie PDF, HTML, Flash, und Microsoft™ Office. NeoOffice®/J weist Funktionen auf, wie sie auch die verbreiteten Bürosoftware-Anwendungen haben, inclusive Funktionen zur Zusammenarbeit, wie die Nachverfolgung von Änderungen in einem Dokument, das von einem Anwender zum nächsten gesandt wurde.

Darüber hinaus bietet NeoOffice/J seine Benutzeroberfläche in VIERZIG Sprachen an und unterstützt Schriftzeichen in romanischen und nicht-romanischen Sprachen, inclusive Süd-Asiatischen, Ost-Asiatischen, von-rechts-nach-links geschriebenen und Schriften mit komplexer Zeichendarstellung.
"Wir haben die hervorragenden Bemühungen von um die Internationalisierung genutzt, wodurch NeoOffice®/J eine großartige Lösung für Mac OS X-Anwender auf der ganzen Welt ist", sagte Peterlin.

Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" Spotlight-Unterstützung
NeoOffice®/J 1.1 enthält "NeoLight," ein Plugin für "Spotlight", die neue Suchfunktion von Apple's Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger". "Mit diesem Plugin werden Ihre NeoOffice®/J-Dateien indiziert und können sofort mit Spotlight auf die vertraute, Mac-typische Art gefunden werden", sagte Peterlin, "Es ist lediglich ein anderer Weg, auf dem wir die volle Mac OS X-Erfahrung bereitstellen.". Preis und Verfügbarkeit
NeoOffice®/J 1.1 ist als freie Open-Source-Software unter der GNU General Public License veröffentlicht worden und ab sofort verfügbar auf Alle Anwender sind herzlich eingeladen, das Programm herunterzuladen und frei zu verbreiten. Die Entwicklung und Aquafizierung" der Anwendung erfolgt durch freiwillige Programmierer. Interessierte sind herzlich eingeladen, die Webseite zu besuchen und uns bei allen Aspekten dieses Projektes zu unterstützen.

Weitere Informationen
Homepage           :
Gemeinschaft       :
Download           :

Presseinformation  :
Screenshots        :

Über Planamesa Software
Planamesa Software ist ein Softwareentwicklungs- und Beratungsunternehmen, das von dessen Eigentümer Patrick Luby geführt wird. Patrick hat fast ein Jahrzehnt als Software-Entwickler in einer Vielzahl von kommerziellen und Open-Source-Projekten gearbeitet, inclusive und Apache Tomcat. Er nutzte dabei die Programmiersprachen C, C++, und Java™ auf einer Vielzahl von Betriebssystemen, unter anderem Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris™ und Windows™.
Über is die Heimstatt der Open-Source-Gemeinschaft rund um NeoOffice®/J. Es bietet Neuigkeiten, Downloads, FAQs, Diskussionsforen, ein System zur Fehlermeldung und mehr für die Entwickler und Anwender von NeoOffice®/J. NeoOffice®/J's "Aquafizierung" und die weitere Entwicklung werden fortgeführt, und Interessierte sind herzlich eingeladen, uns bei allen Aspekten dieses Projektes zu helfen. NeoOffice® ist ein eingetragenes Warenzeichen von Edward H. Peterlin.
Um mehr über zu erfahren, besuchen Sie bitte

Draft Text [fr]

Draft Text [no]

PRESSEMELDING (ingen sperrefrist)

Kontakt: community at neooffice dot org

NeoOffice®/J 1.1 for Mac OS X er lansert

xx. mai 2005

Sunnyvale, California, USA – Planamesa Software og er stolte av å presentere NeoOffice®/J 1.1, en ekte («native») programvarepakke for Mac OS X, som har Microsoft™ Office-kompatibel tekstbehandler, regneark, presentasjons- og tegneprogram. NeoOffice®/J 1.1 er i dag tilgjengelig for gratis nedlasting fra Planamesa Softwares nettside:

En ekte Macintosh programvare

Basert på den siste, stabile kildekoden, gir NeoOffice®/J omfattende integrasjon med Mac OS X. Viktige Macintosh-kvaliteter som er inkludert er: standard OS X installerer, ekte Aqua menylinje, bruk av OS X utskriftsressurser, fullstendig støtte for utklippsbok, dra-og-slipp, Mac «kommando»-tast snarveier, mus med rullehjul, integrasjon med viktige epost-klienter og ekte støtte for Mac fonter.

«NeoOffice®/J er en frittstående, dobbel-klikkbar Mac programvare og behøver IKKE X11 programvare i tillegg,» forteller sjefsutvikler og grunnlegger av, Ed Peterlin. «Vårt mål har alltid vært å gjøre NeoOffice®/J 100% umulig å skille fra annen Macintosh programvare i utseende og følelse. Versjon 1.1 er et stort skritt i riktig retning.»

En fullstendig programvarepakke til kontorbruk

NeoOffice®/J har alle funksjonener som finnes i de ledende programvarepakkene for kontorstøtte. Den er kompatibel med Microsoft™ Office (inkludert muligheter for å spore endringer i dokumenter som sendes mellom forskjellige brukere) og Corel WordPerfect™. NeoOffice®/J kan eksportere dokumenter til mange forskjellige formater som PDF, HTML, Flash, Word, Excel og PowerPoint.

NeoOffice®/J tilbyr lokal brukertilpasning i grensesnittet med 40 (FØRTI) språk og støtter romerske og ikke-romerske tegnsett, inkludert sørasiatiske og østasiatiske, samt tekst fra høyre og sammensatte dokumenter med flere språk og tegnsett.

«Vi har dratt nytte av OpenOffice.orgs fantastiske innsats for internasjonalisering, noe som gjør NeoOffice®/J til en svært god løsning for Mac OS X-brukere over hele verden», sier Peterlin.

Støtte for Spotlight i Mac OS X 10.4 «Tiger»

NeoOffice®/J inkluderer NeoLight som er et programtillegg («plug-in») for «Spotlight», det nye søkessytemet i Mac OS X 10.4 «Tiger». «Med dette programtillegget vil dine NeoOffice®/J-dokumenter bli indeksert og kan bli øyeblikkelig tilgjengelig i Spotlight på den vanlige, Macintosh-måten,» forteller Peterlin. «Det er bare nok et eksempel på hvor hardt vi arbeider for å bli en del av Mac OS X-opplevelsen.»

Pris og tilgjengelighet

NeoOffice®/J leveres som en fri, åpen kildekode programvare under GNU General Public License og er nå tilgjengelig på Brukere oppfordres til å laste ned og fritt distribuere programvaren. Utvikling og videre tilpasning til Aqua-grensesnittet pågår ved hjelp av frivillige programmerere, og alle som er interessert inviteres til å besøke og bidra til alle delene av prosjektet.

Mer informasjon finner du her:

Presseside: Press Kit
Eksempler på skjermbilder:

Mer informasjon om finner du på:

Om Planamesa Software

Planamesa Software er et konsulentfirma som arbeider med programvareutvikling. Det eies og drives av Patric Luby. Patrick har jobbet med programvareutvikling i snart ti år i flere kommersielle og åpen-kildekode-prosjekter, blant annet og Apache Tomcat. Han har erfaring med C, C++ og Java programmeringsspråk og forskjellige operativsystemer som Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris™ og Windows™.

Om er hjemmet til det åpne kildekode-samfunnet for NeoOffice®/J og har nyheter, nedlastning, FAQ, diskusjonsgrupper, registrering av feil og andre ressurser for NeoOffice®/J utviklere og sluttbrukere. Videre tilpasning til Aqua-grensesnittet og annen utvikling pågår løpende og interesserte deltakere til alle delene av prosjektet er velkomne. NeoOffice® er et registrert varemerke som tilhører Edward H. Peterlin.


For finne ut mer om, besøk

NeoOffice® er et registrert varemerke som tilhører Edward H. Peterlin. Andre produkter og firmanavn kan være varemerker tilhørende de respektive eiere.

--knutkja 18:06, 22 Apr 2005 (CDT)

Correcting typing --Knutkja 18:39, 23 Apr 2005 (CDT)

--Ovvldc 16:43, 25 Apr 2005 (CDT) put the links between <pre>...</pre> tags

--Knutkja 17:23, 10 May 2005 (CDT) New text translated

Draft Text [nl]

xx mei 2005

Planamesa Software en de gemeenschap kondigen met gepaste trots NeoOffice®/J 1.1 aan, een volledige ingeburgerde Mac OS X versie van het office pakket, dat een complete en uitgebreide tekstverwerker en reken-, presentatie- en tekenprogramma's bevat die Microsoft™ Office bestanden begrijpen en kunnen maken.

Met als basis de meest recente stabiele versie van is NeoOffice®/J 1.1 ook op veel vlakken geïntegreerd met Mac OS X. Standaard OS X en Aqua kenmerken zijn onder andere een standaard Mac OS X installatieprogramma, een normale Aqua menubalk, gebruik van Mac OS X printfaciliteiten, complete ondersteuning voor het klembord, slepen van tekst en beeld, Mac "command" toetscombinaties, scrollen met de muis, integratie met bekende e-mailprogramma's en ondersteuning voor Mac fonts.

NeoOffice®/J 1.1 is een zelfstandige, klikbare Mac applicatie die GEEN extra X11 software nodig heeft. Het is in staat om Microsoft™ Office en WordPerfect documenten te importeren en kan exporteren naar vele formaten, inclusief PDF, HTML, Flash, en Microsoft™ Office. NeoOffice®/J ondersteunt het bijhouden van wijzigingen en andere belangrijke functies voor samenwerking die horen in grote office pakketten. Daarnaast zijn lokale gebruikersinterfaces beschikbaar in VEERTIG talen en ondersteunt NeoOffice®/J tekstinvoer in romeinse en niet-romeinse schriften, inclusief Zuid-Aziatische, Oost-Aziatische, rechts-naar-links en complexe invoer.

NeoOffice®/J is nu beschikbaar, vrijgegeven als gratis en open source software onder de GNU General Public License. "Aquaficatie" van het pakket is in volle gang en alle geinteresseerden zijn welkom om bij te dragen aan alle aspecten van het project.

Webstek     : (gedeeltelijk in het Nederlands)
Download    :
Pershoek    : Press Kit

Voor meer informatie over, zie

--Ovvldc 16:37, 25 Apr 2005 (CDT) Translated the new draft. I still do not like the long sentence in the second paragraph...
--Ovvldc 04:52, 26 Apr 2005 (CDT) fixed to match the latest draft. Better text, maybe too many 'Mac OS X' in the second paragraph.

Draft Text [xx]

Please add your language!

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