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Note: Until very recently NeoOffice/C was named simply "NeoOffice" (without the "/C"). This caused confusion, so in December 2004, the Cocoa version of NeoOffice was renamed to NeoOffice/C.

NeoOffice/C is a prototyping project-- not intended for day-to-day use-- used to explore methods and problems that may be encountered when porting to run natively on Mac OS X.

NeoOffice/C was in development for quiet a while (see old screenshots here and here) when it became apparent the approach it was using was slow and impractical.

Thus, a second approach to achieving native OS X look-and-feel was tried using OS X's Java implementation instead of Cocoa to display Aqua. The result was NeoOffice/J, which has supplanted NeoOffice/C as the actively developed OS X project.

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