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===Exporting and Importing with Calc=== ===Exporting and Importing with Calc===
* [[Exporting Calc charts or spreadsheets as images]] * [[Exporting Calc charts or spreadsheets as images]]
-* [[Importing_HTML_Tables_into_a_Calc_Document|Importing HTML tables into a Calc document]]+* [[Importing_HTML_Tables_into_a_Calc_Document|Importing HTML tables into a Calc document]] (See the section titled "Opening Auto-Generated xls files in Calc" if you are having trouble with an xls file opening in Writer instead of Calc).
* [[Importing and Exporting Comma and Tab Delimited Files|Importing and Exporting Comma and Tab Delimited Files]] * [[Importing and Exporting Comma and Tab Delimited Files|Importing and Exporting Comma and Tab Delimited Files]]

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NeoCalc is the spreadsheet component of NeoOffice. Calc documents can contain multiple sheets of data. A vast array of mathmatical, financial, statisticual and logical functions can be combined for simple to complex calculations. Calc provides basis "flat" database capabilities, "what if" calculations, and updatable charts based on a range of data.

The wiki includes a NeoOffice Feature Comparison with Microsoft Word and and a list of supported file formats for Calc and the other components of NeoOffice.


Tips and Hints in the Wiki

Note that additional tips can be found on the New Articles Needed page, which contains links to stub pages and/or threads in trinity that need to be developed into full blown articles.

Working with Cells, Rows, and Columns

Exporting and Importing with Calc

Charts and Graphs in Calc

Database Functions in Calc

Formulas and Functions

Be sure to see the External Tips section below for links to comprehensive lists of formulas and functions.

Other Calc Tips

External Calc Tips

These articles are usually on specific features of Calc. Most if not all are written for Remember that a right click is the same as a control-click, and use the Command key on your Mac when instructions for call for the control key.

Formulas and Functions

Miscellaneous tips (mostly for Calc) by David Chapman. The link is to the index on his old site. His new site is
  • Options in OpenOffice Calc by Bruce Byfield
    "A summary of the configuration choices, tips, and tricks for's spreadsheet program."

Documentation, Tutorials, etc.

More resources that cover all the components of NeoOffice, include Calc, can be found on the Documentation and Related Resources page.

User Guides, etc.

Chapter 4 of the NeoOffice User Guide.
OOoAuthors Calc Guide links to download the various chapters. Not all chapters are finished, so it is not yet possible to download the entire guide in one document.

Print And/Or E-Books Available for Purchase


A series of tutorials that can be read on-line or downloaded in (and thus NeoOffice) formats. The Spreadsheet Basics section is an excellent starting point for individuals who are new to spreadsheets.

Sources of Calc Templates

  • from the website
  • OATBRAN Online Analysis Tools By Rodney And Neville. xls files designed to replicate the Data Analysis Toolpack without macros. The formulas work in NeoOffice, but the charts are empty.

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