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You can merge two or more columns in a spreadsheet without merging them cell by cell. In order to do that, proceed as follows:

  • Copy (Cmd-C) the content of the columns you want to merge
  • Open a new Calc document
  • Paste (Cmd-V) the content of the columns
  • Save the document in .csv format
    • Choose Text CSV (.csv) in the pop-down File type menu
    • Check Edit filter settings
    • Choose a name and a location for your file
    • Click Save
    • Press Yes to close the "may loose formatting" dialogue
  • In the Export of text files window, choose "{space}" in the Field delimiter field, and leave Text delimiter set on: "
  • Click OK
  • Open the .csv file you just created
  • In the Text Import window, in the Separated by section, uncheck Space (if it's checked). All the checkboxes have to be unchecked.
  • Click OK
  • A spreadsheet appears, in which the columns are merged
  • Go to the Edit menu, and choose Find and Replace
  • In the Search for field type: "
  • Leave the Replace with field empty
  • Click on Replace All
  • Copy this column and paste it into your initial document

This method applies to any number of adjacent columns.

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