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{{bluebox|MainPageNewsEN}} {{bluebox|MainPageNewsEN}}
-{| align=right+
-|[[Image:Ship_official.png|NeoOffice®/J logo]]+
-|The stable, fast, actively developed version, recommended to new users. (''Note: "J" is for Java, used in small amounts to facilitate the Mac OS X User Interface. NeoOffice/J is 99% written in C++!'')+
-'''NeoOffice/J 1.1, based on 1.1.4, was released on June 22, 2005. [[NeoOffice/J 1.1 Announcement|Read the announcement]] and check out the [[NeoOffice/J Press Kit|Press Kit]] for more info!''' +
-{| width=100% valign=top+
-* [[NeoOffice|What is NeoOffice]]?+
-* [[NeoOffice/J Feature Comparison|Feature Comparison]]+
-* [[NeoOffice/J_Release_Notes|NeoOffice/J Release Notes]]+
-* [[NeoOffice_Installation_Issues|Installation Issues and Solutions]]+
-* [[NeoOffice_Tips_and_Hints|Tips and Hints for Using NeoOffice]]+
-* [[NeoOffice and Aqua]]+
-* [[Known_Issues_with_NeoOffice|Known Issues]]+
-* [[How_to_Report_Problems_with_NeoOffice|How to Report Problems]]+
-* [[NeoOffice_Build_Instructions|How to Build NeoOffice]]+
-* [[NeoOffice_Screenshots|Screenshots of NeoOffice]]+
-* [[Contributing_to_the_NeoOffice_projects|How to Contribute to NeoOffice]]+
-* [[NeoOffice_CD_Distribution_&_Trademark_Usage|CD Distribution and Trademark Usage Guidelines]]+
-== NeoLight ==+{|align=top
-{| align=right padding=5+| valign=top width=50% |{{yellowcolumn|OOoDescp}}
-|| valign=top width=50% |{{yellowcolumn|NeoLightDescp}}
-|'''New!''' - NeoLight ("NeoOffice Spotlight Importer") allows [ Spotlight] to index metadata and content within the files created by NeoOffice/J and, including files in the forthcoming OpenDocument format.+
-'''NeoLight is a new program and is currently being tested. You're invited to help.''' ''Beginning with 1.1rc Patch-4, NeoLight is included with NeoOffice/J on Mac OS X 10.4 systems.''+
-{| width=100% valign=top+
-* [[NeoLight|NeoLight Development and Documentation]]+
|} |}
-== NeoOffice/C == 
-{| align=right 
-|The older, highly-experimental, less-stable version, not recommended for any sort of use. (''Note: "C" is for Cocoa. That's good enough for me.'') 
-'''NeoOffice/C is not actively developed any more.''' 
-{| width=100% valign=top 
-* [[NeoOffice/C|What is NeoOffice/C?]] 
-* [[NeoOffice/C_Status|Is NeoOffice/C Still Being Developed?]] 
-* [[Contributing_to_the_NeoOffice_projects|How to Contribute to NeoOffice/C]] 
-== for Mac OS X (X11 version) == 
-{| align=right 
-|''Although this wiki is focused primarily on the NeoOffice applications, there is also some content that is specific to the X11 build, and there are tips that apply equally to all [[|]]-based applications.'' 
-The content relevant to Mac OS X (X11) is collected on the [[OpenOffice.org_Mac_OS_X_%28X11%29| for Mac OS X (X11]]) page. 
== More Info == == More Info ==
- +* NeoOffice/C is no longer being developed. Archival information can be found [[NeoOffice/C|here]].
* [[OpenOffice.org_and_its_Macintosh_ports|NeoOffice? NeoOffice/J? NeoOffice/C? X11? Huh? Which should I use?]] * [[OpenOffice.org_and_its_Macintosh_ports|NeoOffice? NeoOffice/J? NeoOffice/C? X11? Huh? Which should I use?]]
* [[|A Brief History of and the NeoOffice Projects]] * [[|A Brief History of and the NeoOffice Projects]]

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This is the official wiki for NeoOffice, the Mac OS X port of, the ultimate open-source office suite; featuring a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing software, and much more.

NeoOffice® 2017.12 Professional Edition is now available!

NeoOffice Wiki Mac OS X (X11) for Mac OS X (X11)

The version for those comfortable with UNIX.
It uses X11 to function. The current release for X11 is 3.0. There are releases for both PPC and Intel Macs.

NeoLight logo


The Spotlight importer for NeoOffice
NeoLight ("NeoOffice Spotlight Importer") allows Spotlight to index metadata and content within the files created by NeoOffice and, including files in the new OpenDocument format.

NeoLight is included with NeoOffice and can be downloaded separately by users of

More Info

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