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-{{fixme}}+* Download or installation problems? [[NeoOffice_Download_and_Installation_Issues|Click here]]
-==Known Issues with NeoOffice==+* Problems after upgrading to OS X El Capitan or macOS Sierra? [[El_Capitan_and_Sierra_Upgrade_Issues|Click here]]
- +
-Known issues with NeoOffice can be found in+
-* [[NeoOffice Download and Installation Issues]] - issues with installation, patch updates, and first launch of the application+
-* [[Troubleshooting Tips]] - causes of common Mac OS X-related problems that affect NeoOffice+
-<!--* [ NeoOffice Bugzilla] (''be sure to select '''NeoOffice''' from the '''Project''' menu when querying the bug database'')-->+
-* NeoOffice [ Support forum]+
-* NeoOffice [ Testing forum]+
- +
-Please search for your issues before posting to the Support forum. The Testing forum is used for providing feedback on alpha and beta versions of NeoOffice; issues with released versions are handled in the Support forum.+
- +
-'''N.B.''' NeoOffice shares all the bugs and limitations of [[|]], so any issue in the [ IssueZilla] will also be a known issue with NeoOffice.+
- +
-==Reporting Problems with NeoOffice==+
- +
-If you want to report problems, please submit them to the [ NeoOffice Support forum]. For more detailed information about how to properly report a bug, attach a crash log, sample of a hang, or problematic document to a bug post, and what happens next with your bug, please visit the [[Bugzilla_Guide|Guide to NeoOffice Bugs]].+
- +
-The forum [ on trinity] can also be used to discuss problems. +
- +
-====Bugs in code====+
-If Patrick or another developer replies that the problem is with the underlying [[|]] code, report the problem in the IssueZilla to ensure the coders fix the problem! See [ here] for details. For purposes of the '''Found in version:''' field in IssueZilla, NeoOffice 3.0.x is the equivalent of 3.0.x. +
- +
-After you file a bug in the OOo IssueZilla, please paste its URL into the comments of your NeoOffice forum post; the developers and QA will often follow the progress of the OOo bug.+
- +
-====Bugs in WordPerfect import====+
-Similarly, if you have an issue with the result of the import of a WordPerfect document—bold is missing, table messed up, etc.—this is a problem with the ''libwpd'' and ''WriterPerfect'' libraries and should be reported in the [ libwpd Bugzilla].+
- +
-=== Bug Filing Guide ===+
- +
-We are developing a guide to filing a good bug in the forums. If you have suggestions, please contribute on the [[Bugzilla_Guide|Guide to NeoOffice Bugs]] page.+
- +
-{{botlangbarEN|[[Fr:Comment_rapporter_des_problèmes_rencontrés_avec_NeoOffice|Français]] [[De:Probleme_melden|Deutsch]] [[It:Come_segnalare_i_problemi_incontrati|Italiano]] [[Es:Como reportar problemas|Español]] [[nl:Hoe problemen met NeoOffice melden|Nederlands]]}}+

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  • Download or installation problems? Click here
  • Problems after upgrading to OS X El Capitan or macOS Sierra? Click here
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