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Utilisation de NeoOffice/J hors du dossier /Applications

Officiellement, cela ne peut pas être fait. Le dossier /Applications est le seul endroit qui autorise l'installation de NeoOffice/J.

Il existe deux raisons déterminantes pour cela :

  • D'abord, un (bunch of the underlying) code de s'attend à ce que tout soit installé à un endroit unique et identifié, et jamais déplacé, parce qu'il y a beaucoup de chemins d'accès figés dans l'application.
  • Ensuite, à cause de ce qui précède et parce que la recherche sur tout le disque dur du lieu d'installation de l'application peut prendre une éternité, les packs d'installation des actualisations ne contrôlent que le dossier /Application.

Cela étant dit, et de façon non officielle, if you're really adventurous and careful, you could probably get it to work. Recently, some updates to the installation process and path checking code have been made that will make it easier to install or move NeoOffice/J into other places, but this is still experimental.

N.B.: Put the NeoOffice/J app on a drive that does not have any spaces in its name and only in folders that do not have spaces in the folder names. Parts of the code do not handle spaces in pathnames.

Installation and Patching Instructions:

  1. Install NeoOffice/J in /Applications for the first time (Don't launch it).
  2. Immediately move NeoOffice/J to your USB key or other disk.
  3. Never rename your USB key or other disk once you have ever launched NeoOffice/J.
  4. Copy ~/Library/NeoOfficeJ-1.1 to your key and then into ~/Library/NeoOfficeJ-1.1 on other machines if you want your settings to remain the same/in sync on multiple machines. Repeat after each session.
  5. Move NeoOffice/J back to /Applications before opening the patch update .pkg, then immediately move NeoOffice/J back to the same place on your USB key or other disk after the patch installation is complete (Don't launch NeoOffice/J).


UNIX-style symbolic links

If you have /Applications symlinked to your USB key or other disk, some of the complexity is removed (NeoOffice/J more-or-less supports situations where /Applications is on a second drive/partition and where /Applications on the main drive has been replaced by a UNIX symbolic link to its location on the second drive).

Installation on another volume

It's easy to install NeoOffice/J to another volume.

If you have several partitions or physical disks, just create an "Applications" folder at the root of this volume and it will be offered as a choice for the installation and patches thereafter.

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