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[edit] Formatting Hyperlinks in Writer

If for some reason, in the AutoFormat submenu of the Format menu, you have unchecked the While Typing item, a URL you enter in a Writer document, directly or by copying and pasting from your browser, is not clickable. To make it clickable, follow these steps:

  • Select the hyperlink.
  • Go to the Format menu, then to the AutoFormat submenu and click on the Apply item.

The text of the hyperlink is now blue and underlined. The URL is clickable.

[edit] Formatting Hyperlinks in Calc

When you directly enter a URL in a cell of a spreadsheet, it is automatically replaced with a clickable hyperlink. But if you copy/paste such a URL, it is pasted in the default text format. It has been reported that if you add "by hand" a space at the end of the URL, the hyperlink turns clickable. However, if you have many URLs in a same column, the following method is faster.

Let's suppose that the range A1:A100 contains URLs which are not clickable.

  • Select a cell in an empty column, for instance B1
  • Click on the Function Wizard icon, on the left of the formula bar
  • In the Category drop-down menu, choose Spreadsheet, then HYPERLINK
  • Click on Next >>
    • In the URL field, enter A1, or click in the cell A1
    • In the CellText field, enter A1, or click in the cell A1
    • Click OK
    The link which appears in B1 is clickable.
  • Fill the column B, from B1 to B100, by clicking on the little black square in the right bottom of the cell B1, then dragging the cursor to cell B100. See Selecting and Filling a Cell Range in NeoWiki.

The link text is black. You can change the color following this way :

  • Select the cells, then choose the Cells… in the Format menu
  • In the Format Cells window, click on the Font Effects
  • In the Font Color drop-down menu, choose the color you desire (generally blue)
Don't delete the column A, but hide it: select it and go to the Format menu, then to the Column submenu. Select Hide.

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