El Capitan and Sierra Upgrade Issues

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This article describes known issues for running NeoOffice on OS X 10.11 El Capitan and macOS 10.12 Sierra. Follow us on Twitter @NeoOffice to get notified when we fix any El Capitan or Sierra issues.


Problems after upgrading to El Capitan or Sierra?

Step 1 - Download and install the latest version of NeoOffice

  • NeoOffice Mac App Store users:
    • Ensure that Apple's App Store application has installed NeoOffice 2015.10 by launching Apple's App Store application and doing these steps
    • If NeoOffice does not launch or NeoOffice Viewer launches, we recommend that you try these steps.

Step 2 - If NeoOffice crashes or does not save, try these steps

The following steps will force NeoOffice to create new user preference files with default values:

  • Quit NeoOffice
  • NeoOffice Classic Edition users:
    • In the Finder, select the Go > Go to Folder menu item, copy the following path into the dialog that appears, and press the Go button:
    • Drag the selected NeoOffice-3.0 folder to the Trash
  • NeoOffice Mac App Store users:
    • In the Finder, select the Go > Go to Folder menu item, copy the following path into the dialog that appears, and press the Go button:
    • Drag the selected NeoOfficeSecureEdition folder to the Trash
  • Launch NeoOffice

Step 3 - If NeoOffice still has problems, try these steps

  • Quit NeoOffice
  • In the Finder, go to the /Applications/Utilities folder and launch the Terminal application
  • Copy the following commands into the Terminal window and press the Return key:
    defaults delete org.neooffice.NeoOffice
    defaults delete org.neooffice.NeoOfficeSecureEdition
  • Launch NeoOffice

Fixed bugs

Sierra bugs:

  • NeoOffice would draw default buttons as unpressed, non-default buttons
  • NeoOffice would hang when selecting the File > Browse All Versions menu item
  • When scrolling using the trackpad, NeoOffice would react much more sensitively than it did on earlier versions of OS X
  • When creating a new database in the Database Wizard, the Mac App Store version of NeoOffice would crash
  • macOS would display an internal error dialog on some computers after selecting a menu item in NeoOffice

El Capitan bugs:

  • NeoOffice would hang when opening a new window while in full screen mode
  • Typing text in a full screen mode window would fail
  • NeoOffice would ignore most keystrokes when typing many common Indic language words
  • Any color settings for changes in Writer documents that were set to By author or [None] would be unset when quitting NeoOffice
  • NeoOffice would crash when opening LibreOffice HTML files that contain images
  • NeoOffice would crash when rendering Indic characters using the Arial Unicode MS font
  • NeoOffice would draw any text that has its scaling the width setting set to greater than 100% wider than normal
  • NeoOffice would display some dialogs and dropdown lists behind the current document when in full screen mode
  • NeoOffice would generate an empty mail merge if you select the From: field in the Mail Merge dialog
  • NeoOffice would hang for a minute or longer when updating links in spreadsheets
  • In compressed and stretched vertical text, NeoOffice would compress or stretch Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters horizontally instead of vertically
  • In fontwork objects that have multiple lines of text, NeoOffice would draw all but the first line of text too far to the right
  • When exporting as PDF, any characters that use the Apple Color Emoji font would not be included in the exported PDF file
  • When pressing and holding a vowel key, NeoOffice would repeatedly enter the unaccented character even after OS X displayed a list of accented characters
  • NeoOffice would sometimes freeze when unlocking a Dropbox or iCloud document within the titlebar's popup window

Unfixed bugs

Send us a bug report

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