El Capitan and Sierra Upgrade Issues

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==E-mail us a bug report== ==E-mail us a bug report==
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This article describes known issues for running NeoOffice on OS X 10.11 El Capitan and macOS 10.12 Sierra. Follow us on Twitter @NeoOffice to get notified when we fix any El Capitan or Sierra issues.


Problems after upgrading to El Capitan or Sierra?

Step 1 - Download and install the latest version of NeoOffice

Only NeoOffice 2015 or higher will run on El Capitan and Sierra. To upgrade to the latest version of NeoOffice Classic Edition or NeoOffice from the Mac App Store, use the following steps:

  • NeoOffice Mac App Store:
    • Ensure that Apple's App Store application has installed NeoOffice 2015.11 by launching Apple's App Store application and doing these steps
    • If NeoOffice does not launch or NeoOffice Viewer launches, we recommend that you try these steps.

Step 2 - If NeoOffice crashes or does not save, try these steps

The following steps will force NeoOffice to create new user preference files with default values:

  • Quit NeoOffice
  • NeoOffice Classic Edition:
    • In the Finder, select the Go > Go to Folder menu item, copy the following path into the dialog that appears, and press the Go button:
    • Drag the selected NeoOffice-3.0 folder to the Trash
  • NeoOffice Mac App Store:
    • In the Finder, select the Go > Go to Folder menu item, copy the following path into the dialog that appears, and press the Go button:
    • Drag the selected NeoOfficeSecureEdition folder to the Trash
  • Launch NeoOffice

Step 3 - If NeoOffice still has problems, try these steps

  • Quit NeoOffice
  • In the Finder, go to the /Applications/Utilities folder and launch the Terminal application
  • Copy the following commands into the Terminal window and press the Return key:
    defaults delete org.neooffice.NeoOffice
    defaults delete org.neooffice.NeoOfficeSecureEdition
  • Launch NeoOffice

Fixed bugs

Sierra bugs:

  • NeoOffice would draw default buttons as unpressed, non-default buttons
  • NeoOffice would hang when selecting the File > Browse All Versions menu item
  • When scrolling using the trackpad, NeoOffice would react much more sensitively than it did on earlier versions of OS X
  • When creating a new database in the Database Wizard, the Mac App Store version of NeoOffice would crash
  • macOS would display an internal error dialog on some computers after selecting a menu item in NeoOffice

El Capitan bugs:

  • NeoOffice would hang when opening a new window while in full screen mode
  • Typing text in a full screen mode window would fail
  • NeoOffice would ignore most keystrokes when typing many common Indic language words
  • Any color settings for changes in Writer documents that were set to By author or [None] would be unset when quitting NeoOffice
  • NeoOffice would crash when opening LibreOffice HTML files that contain images
  • NeoOffice would crash when rendering Indic characters using the Arial Unicode MS font
  • NeoOffice would draw any text that has its scaling the width setting set to greater than 100% wider than normal
  • NeoOffice would display some dialogs and dropdown lists behind the current document when in full screen mode
  • NeoOffice would generate an empty mail merge if you select the From: field in the Mail Merge dialog
  • NeoOffice would hang for a minute or longer when updating links in spreadsheets
  • In compressed and stretched vertical text, NeoOffice would compress or stretch Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters horizontally instead of vertically
  • In fontwork objects that have multiple lines of text, NeoOffice would draw all but the first line of text too far to the right
  • When exporting as PDF, any characters that use the Apple Color Emoji font would not be included in the exported PDF file
  • When pressing and holding a vowel key, NeoOffice would repeatedly enter the unaccented character even after OS X displayed a list of accented characters
  • NeoOffice would sometimes freeze when unlocking a Dropbox or iCloud document within the titlebar's popup window

Unfixed bugs

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