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We want to enable multilingual support on trinity, within the NeoOffice Support forum. To do so (once we have a core of volunteers who can handle support in that language), we will post a translation of the following text as a Sticky Thread in NeoOffice Support.

[edit] English

langname-language Support

More comfortable in langname?

While English is the common language here at trinity, we know not all NeoOffice users are comfortable using English. Feel free to start a new thread and ask your question in langname and we'll do our best to answer it.

Support is given by langname-speaking users of the trinity fora, while the developers of NeoOffice are English-speaking. The ability of langname-speaking users to answer your questions may be limited. The support is given by volunteers on a volunteer basis. *(here my german proposal gives some words on law and guarantees, which I can not translate - please everybody who can have a look at them before taking this proposal and translation into a website)* We do not guarantee or warranty this advice [no compensation if an advice leads to loss of data or anything], so use the advice given at your own risk.

The use of langname language in the trinity fora is at the moment restricted to the NeoOffice Support forum.

N.B. The final two paragraphs are based on additions suggested by the German support team; we need to come up with a complete English version yet.

[edit] German

[edit] French

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