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:A comprehensive list of help resources for; if you don't find it here, you might find it there. :A comprehensive list of help resources for; if you don't find it here, you might find it there.
[[Category:NeoOffice]][[Category:Tips and Hints]] [[Category:NeoOffice]][[Category:Tips and Hints]]

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In addition to this wiki, there are many places to find documention and other information about using NeoOffice. Many of these resources are written for, but most of the time they apply equally as well to NeoOffice. When working with information about, remember to use the Command key in NeoOffice when the resource mentions the Control key.

Some articles or resources may only be available in certain languages; you may want to refer to the versions of this article written in one of the other languages listed at the bottom of the page. Resources specific to a particular module (Writer, Calc, Base, Macros, etc.) are more likely to be listed in the wiki pages dedicated to those modules than here.


Free User Guides and eBooks

NeoOffice User Guide

This is a revision of the 2.x Guide, edited by aussie149, jgd and other members of the NeoOffice community to apply to directly to NeoOffice. The current document is a draft. If you encounter difficulties with opening the files, try downloading them from Safari. 2.x User Guide

The official User Guide, available in draft form as a PDF. OpenOffice 2.x Guide

OOoAuthors has a guide to using 2.x, explaining many of the features and common tasks. Office Migration Guide

A guide to switching from Microsoft Office to 2.x, explaining the differences in many of the features and common tasks.

StarOffice 8 User Manuals

StarOffice is the commercial version of that is sold by Sun Microsystems for Linux, Solaris, and Windows. While there are differences between the two, about 90% of the documentation is directly relevant for NeoOffice 2.x.

Ebooks and Print Books for purchase

A Conceptual Guide to NeoOffice 2 for Mac OS X by R. Gabriel Gurley

This is the only NeoOffice-specific book that we are aware of, and it is available for purchase as an eBook or a paperback. It is a 288-page guide written by an educator and includes ten hands-on lessons that walk users step-by-step through the creation of various documents. Guidebook by Solveig Haugland

A comprehensive guidebook by a trainer with extensive experience with

Training Workbooks by Solveig Haugland

Training workbooks on various modules/functions of Lab files for working through the exercises are available on this page as well. books available from

From this site you can purchase print copies of the Guide and the OOo Authors guides to the various modules. Other books on are also available, in print and/or as a download.


Trinity Forums

The official support forums for NeoOffice.

OpenOffice forum

The support forums for An exellent source of information and assitance on the various modules of (and thus NeoOffice).

Blogs etc.

The blogs below are full of useful articles and tips on using

Bruce Byfield

A prolific blogger and expert. A sampling of blog articles:
Configuring Writer
What New Users Need to Know About
11 Tips for Moving to
Back to School with Bibliographies
Sharing Files Between and MS Office
Fielding Questions, Part 4 - Mail Merges
That's Your Version: Version Control in

Solveig Haugland

A trainer and expert in Her blog articles cover a wide range of tips and instructions. A sampling of blog articles:
Publisher Users: Making Postcards, Brochures, and Other Cool Stuff...
Creating Keyboard Shortcuts in OpenOffice, including Assigning Keyboard Shortcuts to Styles, a GREAT Feature
Sample Project for Joining Tables, Regarding Primary Keys
Creating Calculated Fields in OpenOffice Base
Using OpenOffice Draw: Creating a Drawing and Exporting the Drawing to GIF, PNG, JPG, or Other Raster Formats

Jean Hollis Weber

Technical editor and writer with over 30 years of editing experience. Not precisely a blog. Her site has separate pages for each module, with some links of helpful resources from various places on the net, including articles by Bruce Byfield and Solveig Haugland.


Visual tutorials

Visual tutorials from InPics provide tutorials for many common tasks in Writer, Calc, Impress, and Base.

Related Articles in the Wiki

Sources of Templates
Sources of Clipart
Documentation/Support for Macros

Related External Links

The Documentation Project

An index of a wide variety of documentation and resources. Most of the resources listed in Free User Guides and eBooks section can also be accessed from this page. The Documentation Project includes links to the following:
User Manuals
How Tos
FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions
Setup Guides
Application Online Help
Developer Documentation
Samples, Templates and Clipart
Articles and Reviews
Documentation from other projects
Third party resources
Archive Help Outline

A comprehensive list of help resources for; if you don't find it here, you might find it there.
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