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-=== End User === 
-* Donate money - Currently (March 2005), there are only '''TWO''' developers programming NeoOffice/J. Both are employed full-time and contribute their free time. To help pay for the out-of-pocket costs associated with developing and supporting NeoOffice/J (bandwidth!) so they can focus on improving NeoOffice/J, you are invited to make a donation at 
-* [[How_to_Report_Problems_with_NeoOffice/J|Report bugs]] - If you notice a bug, report it so the developers can fix it! 
-* Write documentation - Help [[Help:Editing|update and maintain this wiki]] so new users will always have up-to-date information.  
-* Translating NeoOffice/J-related websites - If [] is missing your language, send Patrick the translation. We also want the wiki translated into common languages—a [[Fr:Accueil|French]] translation is underway—so if you'd like to help translate the wiki, please see [ this topic at trinity]. 
-* [[NeoOffice/J_Advocacy|Spread the word]] - If you like NeoOffice/J, spread the word (and help maintain our press and media links and listings). 
-* There have also been some discussions on starting a NeoOffice/J user group to support NeoOffice/J and a foundation to further the development of NeoOffice/J and open-source software on the Mac generally. If you have ideas or experience regarding either of these topics, check out respective forum threads on [ Trinity]: [ User group] [ Foundation] 
-* See [[Things_to_do_for_the_NeoOffice_projects_%28not_coding%29|this list of things to do]] for more ideas. 

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