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-{{fixme}}+See the [ NeoOffice Support] web page.
-= How can I contribute? =+
- +
-There are several ways in which you can contribute to the [[NeoOffice]] project.+
- +
- +
-=== End User ===+
- +
-* Pay money - Currently, there are only '''TWO''' developers programming NeoOffice. Both contribute as they are able—in their free time and as long as their finances permit. To help pay for the out-of-pocket costs associated with developing and supporting NeoOffice (bandwidth!) so they can focus on improving NeoOffice, you are invited to make a payment via the [ NeoOffice Services] page.+
-* [[How_to_Report_Problems_with_NeoOffice|Report bugs]] - If you notice a bug, report it so the developers can fix it!+
-** If you find yourself good at bug reporting and have some extra time, please help reproduce bugs reported by others and ensure that a bug report is clear and complete so that the developers can fix it.+
-* Write documentation - Help [[Help:Editing|update and maintain this wiki]] so new users will always have up-to-date information ([[New User|request account]]). +
-* Translate NeoOffice-related websites -+
-** If [] is missing your language, send Patrick the translation, or watch in the [ NeoWiki Development] forum for website translation requests.+
-** We also want this wiki translated into common languages—there are [[Fr:Accueil|French]], [[it:Pagina_Principale|Italian]] and [[es:Página_Principal|Spanish]] translations that are mostly complete, a [[de:Hauptseite|German]] translation that is being updated after being dormant for several years, and several other translations underway—so if you'd like to help translate the wiki, please see [[Guidelines for Translating the NeoWiki]] for more information.+
-* Help answer user questions in the [ NeoOffice Support forum] on Trinity.+
-* [[NeoOffice_Advocacy|Spread the word]] - If you like NeoOffice, spread the word (and help maintain our press and media links and listings).+
-* There have also been some discussions on starting a NeoOffice user group to support NeoOffice and a foundation to further the development of NeoOffice and open-source software on the Mac generally. If you have ideas or experience regarding either of these topics, check out respective forum threads on [ Trinity]: [ User group] [ Foundation].+
-* See [[Things_to_do_for_the_NeoOffice_projects_%28not_coding%29|this list of things to do]] for more ideas.+
- +
-=== Software Developer ===+
- +
-* This is an open-source project, so if you want to help, contact Patrick Luby or Ed Peterlin at the [ Trinity forums]. Explain your area of expertise and we can go from there.+
- +
-* Ed has written up a number of [ specifications] for small projects that might be good starting points for a beginning NeoOffice developer. (Note that the native filepicker and Address Book integration projects have been completed.)+
- +
-* Other chunk-sized projects include [ replacing the scanning dependency on SANE with an interface to the standard Mac OS X Image Capture frameworks] (this has been implemented as an extension at the moment).+
- +
-* The NeoOffice source can be [ browsed online]; you can also check out the [[NeoOffice Build Instructions]].+
- +
- +
-NeoLight (NeoOffice Spotlight Importer) is in maintenance mode. It works and has been included in NeoOffice since 2005.+
- +
-[[NeoLight|Read the NeoLight documentation]] or [ browse the source].+
- +
- +
-[[NeoPeek]] is the NeoOffice Quick Look plug-in. It has shipped with NeoOffice since 2007.+
- +
-== NeoOffice/C ==+
- +
-The NeoOffice/C project is no longer under active development so that all efforts can be focused on the continued improvement of NeoOffice.+
- +
-{{botlangbarEN|[[Fr:Comment_contribuer_aux_projets_NeoOffice|Français]] [[De:Bei_NeoOffice_mitarbeiten|Deutsch]] [[It:Come_contribuire_a_NeoOffice|Italiano]] [[Es:Cómo contribuir con el proyecto NeoOffice|Español]] [[nl:Bijdragen aan het NeoOffice project|Nederlands]]}}+

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See the NeoOffice Support web page.

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