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Purpose: To facilitate adding clip art to or NeoOffice. This can be used as one program with many different galleries available, or multiple to keep file size down.

Version 0.1a-3 (6 August 2006) is here:

code is here ClipArt Code the readme ClipArt README (still in work)


  • Program
  • /resource folder – contains picture folders
  • /resource folder - contains 'pref.txt' which holds the or NeoOffice preference

Version 0.1

  • Drag and drop for .zip files
  • Installs them in the file
  • Preferences for either OO.oX11 or NeoOffice, and location

Version 0.2

  • Drag and drop for external folders
  • Displays list of image folders in resource folder
  • Gives option (check boxes) for which to be installed
  • Adds the names of dropped folders to installed list

Version 0.3

  • Has ability to update via website available image folders
  • Addition of templates as well as images (same code as launcher)


  • Read me
  • User Wiki Page
  • Trinity Forum
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