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This README is for the clipart program to suppliment X11 and NeoOffice.


This file is alpha software.

no, not really alpha, more like "look what i thought up!"

so, if you don't know me, or what this is for, or the way of the ninja, just wait.

one day, it will be alpha software.


Here is what should happen.

If you double click the application:

a dialog will pop up, asking you if you prefer or NeoOffice. Select the one you want to install to and hit "OK"

Anytime you want to change this, simply double-click the application

If you drop files on it:

The program takes .zip files of images and unzips them to the Gallery directory of your preffered suite. It will ask for your Administrator password to unzip.

The unzip command this program uses is:

unzip -o

which means it will overwrite folders of the same name without asking. So if you drop twice, it will over write the first folder with the second.

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