Changing the Data Range of a Chart

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When you have created a chart in a spreadsheet, using data from a range of cells, you can modify this range by editing, removing or adding data.

Modifying Data in the Original Range

Select the cells you want to modify, edti the data they contain. The chart is automatically updated.

Modifying the Original Range

  • To delete data from the original range :
    • Select the cells you want to remove, then press the Delete key. The chart is automatically updated.
  • To add data to the source range, apply the following method:
    • Right-click or Control-Click on the chart.
    • In the contextual menu that appears, select Modify Data Range….
    • In the Modify chart data range window that appears, in the Range field, you can modify the data range in two ways:
    1. by clicking on the Shrink button with a green arrow at the right hand of that field, then by selecting the new range and clickng on the Maximize button with the green arrow
    2. by entering by hand the definition of the new range.
    • Click on the Create button to perform the modifications.

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