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Starting with Neooffice 2.2.1, it is possible to use the Mac OS X Address Book as address data source. For that, proceed in the following way:


Accessing the Address Book

  • Go to the Wizards sub-menu of the File menu and choose Address Data Source…
  • In the Address Book Data Source Wizard window, check Mac OS X address book. Click on Next
  • Choose the location where you want to save the data source, for example /Users/your_name/Addresses.odb
  • If you have several groups in your address book, choose the one you work with most frequently for your main table
  • Choose the name you want to give to your address book, for example Addresses
  • Click Finish

Displaying the Address Book data

Your address book is now available for use in every NeoOffice document

  • Go to the View menu and select Data Source. A window opens in the top of the document
  • Click on the little triangle on the left of Addresses, then on the triangle on the left of Tables
  • Select the group you want to use. The list of addresses contained in that group should show up, and are available to use in your document, to create a mailing, for example.

Updating the Address Book

  • If you modify your address book by adding, deleting or modifying an address, you just have to uncheck, then check again the Data Sources item of the View menu, so that the modifications appear in NeoOffice
  • If you add or delete a group, you have to quit and relaunch NeoOffice so that the modification appears in NeoOffice

Creating a Mailing

  • Open the address book in NeoOffice. Choose the group of addresses you wish to use, then click on Mail Merge


  • In the Tools menu, choose the Mail Merge Wizard item
  • Choose the option you wish, then click Next
  • Again choose the option you wish, then click Next
    • If you used the Mail Merge Wizard, select the address list you want to use
  • Click on Match Fields…
  • Match each field, until there are no more line displaying "not yet matched". If necessary, edit the address group :
    • Click on More…
    • Select the address group you want to modify then click Edit
    • Click OK and OK
  • Click on Next until the wizard asks you to save or send the document
  • Choose the options you want, for example Save merged document and Save as individual documents
  • Click Save documents
  • Choose the folder where you want to save those letters. Click Save
  • Click Finish

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