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In June 2014, the NeoOffice engineers released NeoOffice 2014 in Apple's Mac App Store. The new feature in NeoOffice 2014 is that NeoOffice is now a "64 bit" application. By moving NeoOffice from 32 bit binaries to 64 bit binaries, the NeoOffice engineers the NeoOffice engineers will be able to fully support NeoOffice on Apple's upcoming OS X 10.10 Yosemite release.

Most NeoOffice 2013.x users should not notice any changes in this version. However, the small number of users that use third-party ODBC drivers and native extensions will need to obtain 64 bit versions of their third-party ODBC drivers and native extensions. Steps for configuring MySQL's ODBC driver to work with NeoOffice 2014 are in this NeoWiki article.

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