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-[[Image:NeoOffice 2017 sample.png|thumb|right|360px]][[Image:NeoOffice 2017 sample2.png|thumb|right|360px]]NeoOffice 2017 Beta is a new version of NeoOffice that is based on LibreOffice. While previous versions of NeoOffice were based on the OpenOffice code, NeoOffice 2017 Beta is based on the LibreOffice 4.4 code.+#REDIRECT [[High Sierra Upgrade Issues]]
- +
-We decided to use the LibreOffice 4.4 code for NeoOffice 2017 Beta because the LibreOffice 4.4 code is able to open and save Microsoft Office .docx, .xlsx, and .pptx documents with far fewer errors than the OpenOffice code. While we initially looked at using the LibreOffice 5.x code for NeoOffice 2017 Beta, LibreOffice 5.x contains numerous changes in menu items, toolbars, and dialogs. Since menu items, toolbars, and dialogs in LibreOffice 4.4 more closely match those in OpenOffice, we chose to use the LibreOffice 4.4 code to make upgrading to NeoOffice 2017 Beta as smooth as possible for NeoOffice and OpenOffice users.+
- +
-If you are running macOS Sierra, you can download [[#Download and install NeoOffice 2017 Beta Professional Edition|NeoOffice 2017 Beta Professional Edition]]. Please note that NeoOffice 2017 Beta Professional Edition is not a production release and will likely have many undiscovered bugs. If you are not comfortable using unstable software, we recommend that you download [ NeoOffice {{NeoVer}}] which is our most stable version.+
- +
-Our plan is to release NeoOffice 2017 Professional Edition in the fall of 2017. NeoOffice 2017 Professional Edition will run on macOS Sierra or higher and will replace NeoOffice Classic Edition. Also, whenever Apple releases the next version of macOS, we plan to release a Mac App Store version of NeoOffice 2017.+
- +
-==Download and install NeoOffice 2017 Beta Professional Edition==+
- +
-'''NeoOffice 2017 Beta Professional Edition will only run on macOS Sierra.''' To upgrade to NeoOffice 2017 Beta Professional Edition, use the following steps:+
- +
-*Install [ NeoOffice 2017 Beta Professional Edition]+
-*Install the [ latest test patch for NeoOffice 2017 Beta Professional Edition]+
-*'''Optional:''' Some database features and wizards in NeoOffice require Java. If NeoOffice displays a dialog that says Java is required, install [ Java SE Development Kit (JDK) from Oracle]. Note: only Oracle's JDK will work. Neither Apple's Java nor Oracle's Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE) will work.+
-*If the NeoOffice download or installation fails, we recommend that you try [[NeoOffice_Download_and_Installation_Issues#Downloading_NeoOffice_Classic_Edition_from_our_website|these steps]].+
- +
-==New features==+
- +
-* NeoOffice 2017 Beta now includes [ native macOS window tabs]+
- +
-==Fixed bugs==+
- +
-* NeoOffice would crash after closing a Calc document after copying cells containing a comment+
-* When running on macOS High Sierra, the default file name would always be set to "Untitled" when exporting as PDF+
-* When running on macOS High Sierra, emojis would be replaced by rectangles when exporting to PDF+
-* When running on macOS High Sierra, NeoOffice would fail to open files on a remote SMB volume+
-* NeoOffice would fail to open a file on a remote AFP volume when the file was open in NeoOffice on another machine+
-* When running in full screen mode, exiting the versions browser would not repaint all of the document+
-* When running on macOS High Sierra in full screen mode, exiting the versions browser would resize the window to be slightly shorter than the screen height+
-* When running on macOS High Sierra in full screen mode, selecting the {{button|View}} > {{button|Full Screen}} menu item would set the window height to zero+
-* When running a slideshow immediately after moving the presentation window to a different monitor, NeoOffice would display the slideshow underneath the presentation controller+
-* When the font size combobox's arrow was clicked, NeoOffice would display the popup menu over part of the combobox+
-* When selecting multiple lines of text within a cell in a Calc document, NeoOffice would fail to draw native highlighting over some of the selected text+
- +
-==Unfixed bugs==+
- +
-==Send us a bug report==+
- +
-If you [[#Download and install NeoOffice 2017 Beta Professional Edition|purchased and installed NeoOffice 2017 Beta Professional Edition]] and you find a crashing or hanging bug, [ send us an e-mail]. We can only fix crashing and hanging bugs that we can reproduce on our machines so be sure to include the following items:+
- +
-* A crash log for crashing bugs+
-* A sample of NeoOffice using the <tt class="notranslate">Activity Monitor</tt> application+
-* Detailed steps that we can follow to reproduce the bug+

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