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Numbering is definitely not one of the best features in NeoOffice's underlying code. It has been fragile in all versions of, so it is not uncommon for it to get messed up. Also, each version of seems to have different steps that trigger a numbered section to fall apart.

When the code messes up numbering, trying to fix it manually will rarely work and in most cases will only make it worse.

[edit] Removing Faulty Numbering and Replacing It

The best way to fix a numbered section is to reset the entire section's numbering settings using the following steps:

  1. Highlight all lines in the section and then press the Numbering On/Off toolbar button in the main toolbar section.
  2. While all lines in the section are still highlighted, press the Numbering On/Off toolbar button in the main toolbar section a second time to turn numbering back on.
  3. Restore formatting if necessary.
    • If there is uncorrupted formatting in another section of your document, use the following steps to copy it to the reset section:
    1. Place your cursor in an uncorrupted line outside of the selected lines and press the Format Paintbrush toolbar button.
    2. The Format Paintbrush toolbar button will change the cursor to a paint can. Select all of the same lines that you selected in Step 1. When you release the mouse button, all selected lines will have the copied formatting.
    • If there is no uncorrupted section to copy from, use the following step to recreate the formatting:
    1. While all lines in the reset section are still highlighted, select the Format menu and choose Bullets and Numbering and in the dialog that appears, set your custom indent and other settings.

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